Our Mission

The Red Soil Project teaches African peoples the building blocks of permaculture, a form of sustainable agriculture so they can learn to naturally restore their own land while building self-sufficiency at a personal and community level and moving towards a system of sustainable growth without aid.

In the world of charity, there is a model for aid and another for development. Both are beneficial for lasting change, but they each serve a very different purpose. Aid undoubtedly saves lives in the short term grip of crisis, but at the Red Soil Project we believe that only individual ownership and self-reliance can ensure lasting change for entire communities.

We also believe that success is achieved when our support is no longer needed. The true test of sustainability will be measured by our ability to “walk away” and so we strive to structure programs that promote independence by providing education, support & assistance where required while encouraging local communities to develop their own leadership and choose their own direction.

The Red Soil Project is dedicated to accountability at every level of our operation and that includes our commitment to being a transparent and informative not-for-profit organization.

We understand that our contributors want to know more about how and where their money is being spent and as such, we are committed to finding the best ways possible to communicate back to them the effective impact their donations.

Thank you for visiting The Red Soil Project website and we hope you will be as encouraged about our projects as we are.

The Red Soil Project is committed to helping create sustainable farming communities. Help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 by the end of 2013!

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